The  Academy was due to move into its new building and we were approached to reclaim timber from the old site prior to its hand over for demolition. For which we paid and stripped ourselves


Longfield Academy


Due to extensive refurbishment works a large quantity of timber desktops were surplus to requirements which we purchased from the College and collected.

Blackpool College


The Geoffrey Hope Buildings teaching laboratories were due for refurbishment. The site contractor stripped the timber benching which we purchased from the University and collected.

Exeter University


Since 2010 when R-I-E was formed we have reclaimed from over Sixty  Establishments. Many of these we return to as phased work is carried out. 2012-13 CLEAPSS have kindly featured us in their nation news bulletin . 2015 started featuring regularly in the Independent Schools Magazine.

To Date...

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longfield DSCF0007 architects plan