Decreases the demand on virgin  hardwood timber resources.


We operate throughout the whole of the UK


Flexible to the projects time restrains and can strip the material ourselves or simply collect at a convenient time once removed by the appointed project contractor.


All though our primary focus is on timber and furniture sourced from the Education sector it is not limited to this. If it has the capacity to be reused we might be interested, whether its beams, pews or industrial.

Benefits Of Our Service


We pay the Education Establishment directly for what we can reclaim.


Waste fees of the project are reduced as less skips required.


Less waste is sent to landfill


Iroko timber (science lab benching) is not used indiscriminately by pupils in D & T projects as its dust can be harmful.


The timber and furniture is stripped down and reused ourselves in sustainable furniture making.

IMG_0453 lab 2 b